On the Eem


The waterfront of the Eem is transforming. Where the banks were used for centuries for industry and infrastructure, the tide is turning with space for recreation and nature is emerging.

On the large Koppel the former location of warehouse ‘t Spijkertje forms an important link in activating the waterfront. In the past, several attempts have been made to create a new building via reference to the old warehouse to create a new building. make. All of these proposals have been for various reasons not realized.

Therefore, for this sketch design, instead of taking a historicizing approach, we chose to activate the waterfront as the primary objective. This primarily because the transition from industrial area to downtown area in its own right gives much cause to use architecture, and programming to be better interwoven with the waterfront.




The building and the redesign of the outdoor space together form an integrated task. To make the area activate and make it sustainable, we suggest the creation of a stepped quay. This intervention is of essential to connect the waterfront with
the Grote Koppel, which improves social safety and provides unique recreational opportunities in Amersfoort.

The further reduction of paved surfaces and the reuse of the clinkers are circular principles that form the basis for creating a green and climate-resistant public space. The greenery contributes to creating intimate places and prevents a sense of massiveness. In addition, it acts as a windbreak and provides shady spots on the terrace.



In addition to a stepped form also has a distinctive structure, so that the silhouette changes as you move around it. This structure is inspired from various water-related structures, from the windmills on the Eem to industrial structures that were connected to the water. This is not a literal reference, but rather an inspiration to design a contemporary building design that nevertheless fits within the tradition of the structures along the Eem. This structure also has the advantage that sustainable, but extensive climate control systems are hidden from view.


Client:  Schipper Bosch

Location: Gemeente Amersfoort

Partners:  KarbouwTREETEK, Platowood

Year: 2023 – 2024