Hoffmannii is a multi-functional building that combines a restaurant, exhibition space, and offices. The building is positioned at the intersection of an abandoned industrial site and a natural reserve.
The building is a combination of a classical floor plan and a modern industrial section, which aims at providing organisational clarity, flexibility in use, and optimized daylight entry. The mono-pitch structure is completely built and cladded in wood. The overal form, which is typically associated with industry, here creates a tension between the past and the future of its surroundings: an industrial site and a nature reserve.

TITLE: Hoffmannii
PROGRAM: Restaurant, Exposition hall, (co-)Workspace
LOCATION: Maastricht, The Netherlands
CLIENT: Stichting Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij ENCi gebied
YEAR: 2015 - ongoing
STATUS: Pending approval
SIZE: 1.000 sqm

In collaboration with: Werf & Nass, Bremen Bouwadviseurs, Huiswerk Architecten

Verzamelgebouw Hoffmanni

Public Building
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