The Liquid Commons project is the regional winner of the EO-weijers competition in 2020. The project takes the notion of natural watersheds as the predominant scale to design and develop new forms of durable agriculture and cooperations for the rural area. The design contains a combination of smaller hydrologic landscape interventions throughout a shared zone that functions like a natural waterbuffer and filter. This so called Liquid Commons-zone is based on the specific topography and land-ownership in the valley Noordal in the south of the Netherlands.

The hydrologic interventions are designed at strategic junctions in the Liquid Commons area. By adding new public water architecture to the network of old wells, the visibility of the collaboration becomes clear. Liquid Commons thus acquires a physical appearance both above and below ground.

Liquid Commons - EO WEIJERS

In collaboration with: Natuurmonumenten, Waterschap Limburg, Provincie Limburg
Status: Winner Regional Competition
Year: 2020