Euregio-Ontspoord / L’Euregio derraillee

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The Euroregion derailed, is an exhibition that looks at cross-border urbanization and rail development in the Meuse valley between Liège and Maastricht. In 2018 a three-country rail network was expected to be operational, between Aachen, Liège and Maastricht, but the Belgian-Dutch connection is still falling behind. Is this a sign of failing political cooperation or are it really just technical problems that can be solved? What does the rail connection actually have to offer for Liège, Maastricht and the border region between them?Are interests aligned, and is there consensus about what the transnational connection should promote? Can innovations in mobility and logistics lead to more compact cities? Or do they accelerate suburbanization in the Maas valley?

Through contributions from various architects, students, photographers, sociologists and civil servants these questions for the border region where examined and discussed during the opening conference.

TITLE: Euregio ontspoord? / l'Euregion derailler?
PROGRAM: Exhibition LOCATION: Maastricht, The Netherlands
YEAR: 2019
STATUS: Complete

In collaboration with: College van Rijksadviseurs, Future Urban Regions, Sven Jansse , Urbagora , Derk Zijlker , Academie van Bouwkunst Maastricht

Euregio ontspoord / l’Euregion derraille



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