The new Josaphat park in Brussels will make up the main structure for a long term urban development along the existing train tracks. On three strategic locations in the park, a series of pedestrian bridges will cross the railway and create important centers for social en spatial engagement in the area. Our office designed a multipurpose community and park facility building in close relation to the main central bridge in the park. The building follows the lineair structure of the park and exists out of various paths, platforms and stairs that offer a dynamic passing over the tracks for the pedestrians in close relation to the internal spaces of the building. The concrete horizontal rigid structure is disrupted by small vertical elements such as the main staircase. These stairs are extended to form a lookout platform into the park and is used for trainspotting.

Client: Beliris
Year: 2019

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Landscape design: Vogt Landscape
Engineer: SWECO Belgium
Bridge: IPV Delft