Three industrial warehouses are the only remaining structures of a larger ensemble that for decades was the center of the fruit and vegetable trade of the Rotterdam harbor. As part of the area’s larger redevelopment, the joint saw-toothed structures will be transformed into a multifunctional event hall in the middle of  a larger public park. Loods 38 is the original name and number of the warehouse. In the future a diversity of users and program will make Loods 38 the converging point for the new neighbourhood’s residents and its daily visitors of the adjacent Dutch Fresh Port.

In terms of its architectonic expression the building distinguishes itself from its surroundings by emphasizing the diagonal lines of its structure. The semi-transparent cladding creates a subtle boundary between the interior and the surounding park.  Loods 38 is a typological hybrid between the industrial shed, the greenhouse and the pavilion. The structure of the two former adjacent sheds will be maintained creating a transitional space between building and park.

The floor plan of Loods 38 is as free and flexible as possible ensuring that various functions can take place. The ground floor is planned as the most public space, whilst the vide will create a more intimate character on its upper level.

Client: Emborion

Status: In Design

Location: Barendrecht, The Netherlands