Water has a paradoxical relation to place: water is at once defined by each place through which it flows through absorption, while simultaneously defining these places through erosion. Water, as such, links each place to geology, ecology and a larger sense of physical geography.

The design for a drinking fountain stresses the geographic relationship through referencing the unique geological formation underneath each fountain. These soil sections are then mixed with concrete and poured into a uniform mold. The fountains are then distributed throughout a watershed, thereby creating a poetic connection between the geologic particularity of each place and the larger hydrologic region.

TITLE: Grondwater
PROGRAM: Drinking fountain
LOCATION: Maastricht, The Netherlands
CLIENT: Project Bureau A2, Watermaatschappij Limburg
YEAR: 2018-2019

In collaboration with: Waterleiding Maatschappij Limburg, Project A2 Maastricht, Quint-Rongen Terrazzo , BAT


Public water fountain
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