Future of Steel

Spatial investigation into the sustainability transition of (steel)industry in the Noordzeekanaalgebied for College of State Advisors

Nov, 2023, NL

NAP – Normaal Amsterdams Peil

NAP is a photo- and cartographic investigation for ARCAM institute into the norm of Amsterdam’s housing stock

Jul, 2020, NL

Symposium Op Terp Hoogte

Symposium on the quality of the terpen-en wierden landscape in the northern part of The Netherlands

Sept, 2021, NL

Bio Science park Leiden

Investigation on the redevelopment of campus typology in the closed and secured realm of the Bio Science sector in Leiden

Apr, 2019, NL

Stadsranden LAB

Investigation and design research for the BNA program Stadsranden LAB

jan, 2022, NL

De Euregio ontspoord? – L’eurégio déraillée?

Exhibition and investigation on the prospects of future mobility in the Maas-region

July, 2021, NL

Big Box NL

Spatial investigation and strategy for the College of State Advisors on the impact of large distribution centers in The Netherlands

Jul, 2021, NL

Article Monu

Prix de Rome – States of Exception

Winning entry for the Prix de Rome competition on low-pressure dynamics in the countryside in the northern part of The Netherlands

Jul, 2021, NL

City Ports Zuid Holland

Spatial strategy for the Young Innovators Program of the College of State Advisors on industrial activity within the urban realm

Jan, 2020, NL

Exploitation Landscapes

Exhibition on the topic of exploitative landscapes in the south of The Netherlands

Sept, 2018, NL

Future of the NL Roadnetwork

Design and research study for Rijkswaterstaat into spatial impact of intersection on the main infrastructural road network in The Netherlands

June, 2023, NL

Circulair concrete pavilion

Design and research with van Hattem Blankevoort on the development of circulair concrete elements for the building industry

Jan, 2021, NL

Urban strategy Resilient Tacloban

Our office was part of the United Nations Urban Lab team that was asked to assist the municipality of Tacloban with the development of a climate change adaptation growth strategy. This was meant to incorporate the remnants of the original relocation sites in the North into a comprehensive urban plan.


June, 2019, Philippines

Atelier NL 2100

Investigation for the College of State Advisors on the long term planning  voor College van Rijksadviseurs naar de toekomst van Logistiek en Mobiliteit in NL

Nov, 2022, NL

Prix de Rome Finalist – Foundations

Exhibition and speculative investigation for the Prix de Rome on the impact of high-pressure dynamics on the urban and social condition of the city

2018, NL

Liquid Commons – Winning proposal in the EO-weijers competition

Rapport voor College van Rijksadviseurs naar de verdozing van Nederland

Jul, 2021, NL

Publication in the Monu magazine on the normative aspects in architecture for social housing

Bending the curve of Biodiversity

Design studio at the academy of architecture in Amsterdam on designing ecological futures that counter the drop of biodiversity in the dutch landscapes

Sept, 2022, NL

Intersection Eijsden

Design research for the College of State Advisors on the future of railway stations in border areas in The Netherlands

Jul, 2019, NL


Design and research on the history and future of regional building materials in the south of The Netherlands

Jul, 2018, NL

Office publication in Architecture NL

Interview on the methodology on research and design by Rademacher de Vries Architecten

Feb, 2017, NL