Leiden Bioscience Park

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Our office was asked bij the Leiden University to see how the identity and spatial quality of the Leiden Bioscience Park (LBSP) could be improved to better reflect the ambitions of its companies and institutions. The current park lacks legibility and intimate spaces. The question was to strengthen the existing master plan through small strategic spatial interventions.
A series of proposals were presented in a series of interviews with leading researchers, entrepreneurs and policy makers active at the LBSP. The design proposals were subsequently fine-tuned based on a precise understanding of the inner working of the users of the bioscience park.
The final proposal were designed to facilitate public private partnerships and improve collaboration between companies, which is currently lacking. Realization of the project was planned to coincide with Leiden’s bid for the European City of Science.

TITLE: Leiden BioSciencePark
PROGRAM: Spatial Strategy LOCATION: Leiden, The Netherlands
YEAR: 2019
STATUS: Ongoing

In collaboration with: BiosciencePark Leiden, Vastgoed Bedrijf Universiteit Leiden,

Leiden Bioscience Park

Strategic Spatial Design


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