Stedelijk Museum

Together with Vogt Landscape Architects, we participated in a competition for the redesign of the entrance area of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Our proposal aimed to reshape the long-term spatial and programmatic relationship between the square in front of the building and the foyer of the extension, which are currently disconnected.

The strategy comprises three phases, beginning with the transformation of the existing foyer into a public art space. The museum shop was redesigned into an open-frame structure that complements the expressive brickwork facade of the former rear side of the museum. This structure is inhabited by steel movable boxes containing books and gadgets. These boxes can be dispersed throughout the foyer and retracted into the framework when the space is needed for art or events. This system would create a dynamic interior landscape with various seating and art displays.

The second phase would involve the installation of a permanent fountain table in front of the entrance, facilitating different ways and seasons for the exhibition of art and life in public space.

Status: Competition
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Partners: Vogt Landscape architects
Client: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Year: 2023