The townhouse is located in the old city center of Maastricht. Throughout the last century several extensions and reconstructions were made in order to facilitate the always changing constellations of the family. This accumulated in a rigid floorplan with a central corridor and staircase dividing the spaces into two compartments. The client’s wish for better circulation and an intensive use of the more brighter rooms at garden site led to a proposal for renovation.

Through various strategic structural breakthroughs enfilades were introduced creating a new spatial organization perpendicular to the original. This new orientation provides new visual connections, improves lighting and creates better access to the garden. The kitchen creates a sense of center in the new interior linking all spaces visually together.

The design picks up old materials and components such as wooden stairs, terazzo floors and former fireplaces and linking them visually to new elements such as the kitchen cabinets and enfilade doors. By doing so old and new are logically connected into a a coherent whole.

Client: Private
Year: 2019
Status: Built