Winery Mergelsberg

The winery Mergelsberg is a family company that produces biodynamic wines in the hilly landscape of the southern part in the Netherlands. In 2022 we were asked to design an integral spatial plan for the extension of the vineyards, a pavilion for wine tasting and the transformation of the old existing farm house into a combined space for working and living.

The spatial organisation of the site is focussed on the dynamics of the seasons. Several designated places for winemaking, harvesting and tasting are strategically located within the vineyards and organise the year through changing interaction between living and working activities on the perimeter.

The vine plants and the newly added vegetation along the path structures are positioned in such way that they improve the quality of the soil, the water condition and the ecological system in the greater valley.

The first two steps towards realisation of the project contains the planting of the young vine plants and the transformation of the old farm building into a family house. A series of new windows and openings will restore the spatial connection between the building and the landscape. The old courtyard will take up a more important role in this phase as it will be the central place where winemaking, tasting and living come together.


Status: Under development
Location: Noordal, The Netherlands
Year: 2021